Travel: Lynchburg, VA

This week has been a whirlwind! I got in Monday afternoon, checked into my hotel, and went right to campus. I got here just in time to have lunch and do the second part of my lab. I was not in the right mindset CLEARLY after not sleeping a wink the night before. All went well though, and I enjoyed my evening at the hotel. I woke up Tuesday morning to no power. Talk about creepy! Freezing rain caused icy roads and a semi ran into a power line. Now, that is all fixed and I think I’m all caught up on my sleep. I’m so ready to rock day 3 with an isokinetic lab and presentation. Until next time…



Travel: Chicago, IL

Talk about chaos! This airport is HUGE and is filled with so many people! Everyone on their own adventure: excited, nervous, stressed. Its incredible to think how an airport coordinates so many people at the same time. But, I am ready for my own adventure and I’m looking forward to when my head can lay on a pillow and I can close my eyes. Currently, my phone needs to charge, and I need to fill my stomach with food. Good thing I have so many options to choose from! Until next time, which will probably be sooner rather than later…



Travel: Sioux Falls, SD

To fill you in, I am going to Liberty University for a biomechanics lab this week. So far this trip has been EXTREMELY stressful. Between delayed flights and being late to Liberty University, I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even been on a plane yet. As I sit at the bar, sipping some red wine to calm my nerves, I had to take a moment to step back. This is the beauty of traveling, and the beauty of God’s plan that is so much greater than mine. There are so many factors that I cannot see that God can, and I am clearly meant to be on a delayed flight for some unknown reason. I just have to trust God (He has never let me down before) and enjoy the process. On the bright side, I do get to enjoy more time in Chicago, which is always the best place to people watch. See ya in my next post!


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November: Pumpkin Paleo Pancakes

Happy November ya’ll!

I want to try to blog as much as possible this holiday season, so here I am!

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes with you. I love making these pancakes on the weekends when it is chilly outside, and I can enjoy my morning with a warm breakfast and a cup of coffee.

I came across this recipe in the book Practical Paleo by Diana Sanfilippo when I was eating paleo to train for a Tough Mudder. I instantly fell in love! It is so easy and has a good carb to protein to fat ratio in order to give you plenty of energy and nutrients for the day. I also highly recommend Sanfilippo’s book. She does a beautiful job of explaining what paleo is and provides meal plans in order to eat a paleo diet in a safe and effective way.

What you need:

  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 C canned pumpkin
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 2 TBSP maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of butter or coconut oil

How to do it:

  1. Mix together the wet ingredients (except for the butter)
  2. Sift together the dry ingredients
  3. Mix the wet and dry ingredients together
  4. Melt the butter or oil and mix it in
  5. Grease the skillet and preheat over medium heat
  6. Scoop some onto the skillet
  7. Wait for bubbles to appear and the sides to cook, then flip to finish cooking

I like to put sunflower butter on top with maple syrup. This also pairs really well with sauteed kale and bacon!

Note: The batter is more wet than typical pancake batter, but you’ll get the hang of it!

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe! It is also safe safe for those on a gluten free diet!

Let’s see if I can get into a consistent habit of blogging this season! I have so much to share!

God Bless!



Thoughts at Midnight: Iowa.

I am so happy that I gained the confidence to walk away from what no longer served me.

I was consumed by this idea that I had to be a certain way. I fell away from my values and my roots. I looked the part and tried so hard to feel it too. But trying for years to fit in to an ideal that you simply aren’t is exhausting. I was depressed and destroyed by anxiety. I didn’t know where I belonged, and I needed out. Everyone that I thought was part of my support system ended up not supporting me when I needed it the most. I ended up failing out of grad school, living in a basement, super depressed and even self-harming and suicidal, with a dead-end abusive relationship that fit that ideal outward image I was stupidly going for.


My life has gained so much more purpose in the past two years. Oh, it feels so good.

People ask me why Iowa, and honestly, it was the first time in my life when I actually shut up and listened. I listened to the Holy Spirit guiding me; I listened to Jesus say that its okay to trust him; I listened to my Father ensure that I am safe.


It’s going to be okay.

I still keep repeating in my head ‘I am safe’, and little by little I am believing it. That word  was constantly eaten up by my anxiety. The relief of actually feeling safe is indescribable.

So I took a giant leap of faith. No one needs to understand my reasoning but me. It’s my journey, which is paved by God’s will. I have learned that in this journey, no matter what happens, God needs to come first. Not a boy, or job, or an image; God is what needs to be the firm foundation of my life.

I am a daughter of the King, and I need to act like it.


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Fitness: Resistance Bands

Affordable fitness is always a good idea!

I just purchased the Odoland 16 pcs Resistance Bands Set Workout Bands and Rehab Bands, Heavy Exercise Bands Fitness Bands with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Resistance Loop Bands for Gymnastics *catching breath* from Amazon!

It can be found here for $25.99:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ENO6UJS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

And if you have prime, its free shipping!

I have done a few workouts with these, and I absolutely love them! Here’s why…

  1. Durability – On top of being affordable, this set is fairly sturdy. I mean I am a petite woman and I don’t go THAT hard with my gym equipment, but still. These will last me a long time.
  2. Versatility – This kit includes a door anchor, ankle straps, AND attachable handles. That adds a bajillion more movements that you can do with these!
  3. Stability – The benefit of using these is that you are working more muscles to stabilize. This is the main reason why I went with resistance bands. I can work on shoulder stability as well as strength. And as my OT professors drilled in my head, proximal stability for distal mobility! Since these are essentially giant rubber bands, you have to use those smaller muscles with your larger muscles in order to stabilize and control your movements. I can already see a slight difference in the tone of my abdominal muscles even with the short time I’ve used these bands, and I haven’t even done a specific ab workout.

So check them out! I’ll be starting to post my workouts with these next week! This week I’m still experimenting and building some awesome workouts with these!


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Tough Love

Okay listen…

This may not be easy to hear for some of you…


It is not expensive to achieve good health. All you need to do is work smarter, not harder…except when you’re pushing yourself through that workout, of course.

I’m serious though! Stop paying ridiculous money for that diet pill, exercise program, organic items, ridiculous protein shakes, and don’t even get me started on the ITWORKS wraps. STOP following those crazy diets and cutting out nutrients from your diet! Your body hates it and so does your bank account!

Although, if you find what works for you and the motivation, by all means continue! This next month is going to be about affordability and adaptability. I get it! We are all super busy, not rich, and have a desire to better our heath. Trust me, its so much better to be proactive than to pay a $500 medical bill!

I will be posting my workouts and my meals, as well as the cost. There will be tips and advice on workouts and grocery shopping AND COOKING TIPS TOO! Maybe even some STEAK TIPS!

I also have an upcoming surprise that is still in the works, but it is going to be amazing. HINT: I’m teaming up!

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Younique: Splash Liquid Lipstick

Good morning everyone! Let’s jump right into  a product review! The first up is Younique’s Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick; talk about bang for your buck. At $27, you receive 3.55ml of product, which essentially means one tube will probably last you nearly forever. These colors are GORGEOUS! Sept 1st Younique is launching new  metallic colors and bringing back some of their matte colors for the fall. Umm, yes please!

Now lets get into some pros and cons:


  • Being a liquid lipstick, this can get messy.
  • It is harder to control when applying, if you are comparing to normal lipstick.
  • Therefore, it takes a bit more time.



  • This product is super versatile. (I even seen people use this as blush and eye-shadow!)
  • Ombre looks are much easier to achieve with this product.
  • Once set, this product stays on most, if not, ALL day. It stays much longer than VS cream lip stain.
  • It is applied with a wand (like lip gloss).
  • A little goes a LONG way, so this will last you a really really really long time.
  • It has added Vitamin C and E that help to moisturize your lips, which is super helpful to avoid that dry feeling of a typical matte lip color.
  • Limited time metallic colors will be available September 1st. (seen below!)

Overall, I give this product a 4.5 stars out of 5. I will be ordering Stellar and Spry!

Here are the colors they are bringing back and the metallic ones to come out!

The original colors can be found here: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/KettleBelle/products/view/US-21804-00#.Waclq9hOnIU

And you can shop for them here!! https://www.youniqueproducts.com/KettleBelle

The photo of me below is featuring Sentimental!!

Displaying IMG_1182.JPG


Displaying IMG_1181.JPG




The Younique Opportunity.

Happy Saturday!I am a presenter for this company called Younique, and I just have to tell you about this opportunity. Younique is a bit different that those other guys and here’s why…

Thanks for reading!



PS. You won’t regret joining my amazing team! I promise!

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My love hate relationship.

In today’s world, the topic of health absolutely sucks. That’s right, I said it! You go to the grocery store and have no idea where to start, or you think you do but you really actually don’t. One week bread is good for you with yummy whole grains, and the next its going to kill you due to gluten. Crackers labeled as ‘all natural’ seems like a great choice, but oh em gee, look at that sodium content. Deception is HUGE in this industry! “IT WORKS”!! But does it really? Nice try… Take this pill to lose weight and you don’t have to exercise!! Very funny.

But once you weed through all of this mumbo-jumbo ‘I’ll take your money and give you a false hope of good health’ ridiculousness, the rewards are so worth it! So here are my top 8 tips and tricks to help build honest good healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Identify bad habits. How can you change something that you don’t know exactly what it is, and why it’s bad? Write it down. Figure out why you do it. Then you can set up a plan to tackle this bad habit and replace it with a good one.
  2. Develop goals. While you are writing down your bad habits, write down some goals! Long term or short term; start developing a plan in your head to accomplish these goals. Ask yourself how you can realistically break down these goals into benchmarks.
  3. WHY! This is what is going to give your new healthy lifestyle drive and purpose! This can be to keep up with the kiddos, reduce health risks, become happier, or gain confidence. Whatever it is, write it down! Look at it every day! This is your backbone to your goals.
  4. Set a game plan. Pick one goal to work on first. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and set yourself up for failure. Now, make a game plan. You want to run that 5k? Download an app or hop on over to Pinterest to give you some guidance. Take it one step at a time! Oh yeah… write it down.
  5. Stretch. Now that we are done writing, we should probably stretch. Stand up, shake it out. You’ve got a game plan set, and you’re on to a great start!
  6. Just DO IT! Get started. Work through that procrastination! This is an exciting journey! There is no better time to start then NOW! Once you get the hang of it, keep working through your goals and developing new habits.
  7. Educate yourself. This is the most important tip of all. Take the time to really learn about how to take care of your body. Don’t take the easy way out, see ‘all-natural’, and grab-n-go. No. Go out of your way to obtain this knowledge. This is your body, your life, you responsibility.
  8. Balance it out. The more you educate yourself and the more you just DO IT, the easier it will become. Little things here and there will need to be tweaked and there will be set backs, but its all part of the process.

I hope these helped! Comment down below the goal you are working on right now! I’d love to see what you’re all working on and add some encouragement!

God Bless!